About Us

Reduce Stress + Add Value = Success for All

Sometimes it can seem like even though we’re living in the future, nothing works right

Tech Squared

But Tech Squared Inc. has been doing something about it since 2002. We know that despite the exceptional advances in IT, business hasn’t gotten any simpler. That’s why our team has dedicated themselves to un-complicating our clients’ business technology so they can focus on their core goals and growth instead. “Think Simple” is always on our minds. Our vision is one of businesses empowered by technology that just works and doesn’t drain time and money.

We are in the business of growth, not stagnation

Merely fixing things when they break is no way to move forward. Tech Squared uses the Managed Services Provider (MSP) model, and we do not take on clients who do not want recurring services. We aim to partner with our clients, roll up our sleeves, align technology strategy with our clients’ business goals, and constantly develop solutions to new challenges so we can continue to move forward. A rising tide raises all ships, and we are dedicated to helping those who share our passion for growth and change.

How We Do It

Our method for simplifying a partner’s IT has three steps: By changing the ways our clients interact with IT, taking responsibility for their technology strategy, and testing regularly moving forward, we ensure that everybody grows together.

1. Implementation of Standardized Processes

Our technicians work behind the scenes managing the policies, practices, and standards that keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

2. Strategic Business Infrastructure Planning

Planning for the future is key to the success of any business; the approach to technology should be no different.

3. Network Alignment of Standardized Processes

Regularly scheduled evaluations prove the effectiveness of our solutions, ensure they continue to work as intended, and give insights for future planning.

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