What are patches for your computer?

It's like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the damn - except instead of a boy it’s a software update and the holes are gaps in your computer's security. Many high-profile threats take advantage of security vulnerabilities so be sure to update when your operating system pings you to update the software.

Ransom Ransom EveryWARE

  • Ransomware can hold your data hostage unless you agree to the attacker’s terms. Don’t pay the price for a careless mistake.
  • Opening malicious emails or links can leave you being held hostage by online attackers. When ransomware infects your computer, stay calm and call the pros at Tech Squared, Inc.

Horse At The Backdoor

  • There are some gifts that you don’t want to keep on giving. Backdoor Trojan attacks can appear to be from a trusted source, but is more than capable of stealing your personal files and private data.
  • These Trojans aren’t providing any protection. Don’t let that spam email fool you into opening the gates for attackers to access your personal files and information.
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