HIPAA Compliance - IT Healthcare

Ensure your health information systems comply with industry regulations

We’ll help you avoid fines and litigation with HIPAA certification and ongoing healthcare IT systems maintenance

Organizations in the healthcare industry know the headaches that non-compliance can induce. Penalty caps range from $25,000 to $1.2 million annually. Not only that, but your IT systems can be exposed to security breaches and data theft which put you at risk of losing your good reputation or even losing your entire practice.

Achieving HIPAA compliance is a crucial yet difficult aspect of healthcare services. Organizations such as yours can benefit from a trusted partner like Tech Squared who can provide you with the expertise and guidance needed to easily achieve and maintain compliance. Our healthcare IT solutions will handle data privacy guidelines, data management strategies, and data breach response policies so you can focus on delivering quality patient care.

Tech Squared’s HIPAA Compliance - IT Healthcare service includes:

  • An initial audit and penetration testing
  • A security risk assessment and remediation plan
  • Employee training and testing
  • Incident management and support
  • Vendor compliance checks and audit initiatives
  • Business associate management tools
  • Step-by-step guidance from HIPAA compliance experts


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